Music Video Launch Standing Ovation

Micah Project’s official launch of our new video “Have You Forgotten Me?” was a great success last Friday night the Edge Auditorium at the State Library of Queensland. It was thrilling (at least for us!) to see the film on the big screen. It looked amazing. Congratulations to the entire production and creative team!

The audience, many of whom were Forgotten Australians or Former Child Migrants, gave the film a standing ovation that lasted a long time. Many people sought us out to hug us and tell how much they loved it. Many tears.

A woman called Robyn Ellis, also a Forgotten Australian, had seen it on YouTube and had travelled from the Gold Coast to be present at the launch. It was lovely to meet her.

The evening was complete when we were joined by the voices of Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants from Lotus Place backed by With One Voice Brisbane choir to perform the song live. This was followed by a repeat performance encore with even more people joining us on stage! To hear it sung by so many diverse voices was beautiful. So much emotion! See video below.

In the 10 days since its public release on YouTube, the video has had over 1200 YouTube views. We’re aiming for at least 2000 YouTube views in its second week of release. Keep SHARING and helping to spread the healing balm and raise our awareness of this sad and significant chapter of Australia’s all-too-recent history. Here is the link to share it on YouTube.

Many thanks to Micah Projects, Lotus Place, Mick Davis (poet), Katrina Graham (director/producer), Linton Vivian (cinematographer), Tom Francis (editor), Katrine McLeod (art direction), Emma Spencer (co-producer) for your wonderful contributions of time, expertise and heart. We are very grateful and honoured to have been involved in this project.

To the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants to whom the song and video is dedicated, both those survivors today and those who have passed on, thank you for inspiring us with your incredible resilience and courage.

Here are some comments we’ve received from these very people:

“How beautiful and very fitting. Many would respond with Yes they have forgotten us. I will share and try and urge to have it played at the NSW Forgotten Apology Day this week at the Botanical Gardens.

As a Ward of 8 placements and a further 3 institutions. over 11 years physical, mental and sexual abuse from 8 years old. it is a crime beyond repair. I have prayed to die at a young age. It is the Governments that need to hear these words. I have asked Wattle Place, the providers through Relationships Australia to play it at our meeting at the botanical gardens in Sydney on Wednesday, when we reflect on those brothers and sisters in care who have passed on either naturally or committed suicide. as an Advocate I will fill every crevice on social media that I am able.
Kind Regards E.B.” 14 November 2016

“As a former child migrant, I was deeply moved by the sentiment expressed by Cath & Jay in this song. Their sincerity and emotive response to the pain and hurt we experienced as children in care following our arrival in WA provided a healing balm to quell the pain many of us still feel.
 A sincere thank you from me. Godfrey Gilmour, Child Migrant 1953” 14 November 2015

“Today was the first time I heard the song ‘Have you Forgotten Me?’ and I can honestly say it was beautifully sung. I enjoy the lyrics; appropriate for the 18th of November. I grew up in Renwick (Mittagong) and Glebe (Sydney) orphanages from 1969 to 1982 with 29 placements all of different homes and foster care.

Your lyrics and singing will continue to uplift my soul and as I listen, I know I am not alone and that someone cares enough to share the love. Thank you whole-heartedly for touching my life in more ways than you can imagine.

With warm regards, Robyn Ellis” 15 November 2016

“For the protection of children is the sacred duty of us all.” – former PM Kevin Rudd’s National Apology to the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants. LEST WE FORGET!

Music Video Launch Event: Fri 18 Nov 2016

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: “Have You Forgotten Me?” music video

Mundy-Turner is very excited and proud to announce the upcoming release of our new music video commissioned by Micah Projects of our song “Have You Forgotten Me?”, written in collaboration with Mick Davis.

This is the first time we’ve had a film made of one of our songs. It was a great privilege to work with award-winning film-maker Katrina Irawati Graham as director/producer, cinematographer Linton Vivian, art director Katrine McLeod, co-producer Emma Spencer and film-editor Tom Francis.

The video is being released online in the week on the 7th anniversary of the National Apology to the Forgotten Australians & Former Child Migrants, 16 November 2016.

The official launch & screening of “Have You Forgotten Me?” will be Friday evening 18 November, 7pm at the State Library of Queensland’s Edge Auditorium, South Bank, Brisbane, in a special event presented by Micah Projects to mark the 7th Anniversary of the National Apology to the Forgotten Australians & Former Child Migrants.

Forgotten Australians are the more than 500,000 children who were raised in institutions and out-of-home ‘care’ during the 20th century. Invariably, these children were traumatised by the abusive treatment they received in these places. As the song says, we pray that “no child need ask again – ‘have you forgotten me?'”

DVD copies of the music video will be presented to Forgotten Australians as a tribute to their long struggle for recognition and acknowledgement.

The launch will also feature Forgotten Australians from Brisbane’s Lotus Place joining Mundy-Turner and With One Voice Brisbane choir in a live performance of “Have You Forgotten Me?”; a fitting and moving finale to this year’s Anniversary event.

The video is now released online via YouTube and Vimeo. YOU can get involved in sharing the video to your networks by joining our video Release team.
Just share this YouTube link:

We are very grateful to Micah Projects for funding the project to create this poignant piece to raise awareness about this significant chapter of Australia’s history.


* Micah Projects – Adele Renwick: 0408 736 519 /
* Mundy-Turner – Cath Mundy & Jay Turner: 0424 127 580 / 0405 974 561 / /

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