UK Tour 2012 cancelled

Sad to announce that after all the hard work of setting up a beautiful 3-month tour of the UK for May-Aug 2012, we have decided to cancel.  It came time to buy the flights and the maths were just not adding up, mainly due to strong Oz $ to weak UK pound making it difficult to pay off 4 flights bought in Aussie $ with UK earnings.

To those wonderful clubs & venues who booked the duo, we are extremely grateful for your support and understanding and very sorry to not be coming after all.

To our friends/fans and family who we were so looking forward to seeing: we miss you.

Our son is very disappointed not to be coming to see where he was born.

Our love to you all.  Hope to see you again at a more optimal time. xoxo

Anna 19:11:02, 13/09/11

We’re so sad not to have the chance to see you, and sad for you that you aren’t able to come this time too. Maybe life has other lovely things in store for you – I hope so! Lots of love from us all!

Sandy Satyanadhan 19:39:12, 13/09/11

So sorry, Cath and Jay. We were so looking forward to seeing you again – and also to meeting Josh.

Pauline Wisker 20:10:32, 13/09/11

Its a shame ecomomics has had such an effect on your plans. No matter how disappointed we may be we can’t imagine how difficult it has been for you to make this decision. Hope it won’t be too long before the plans can be resurrected. Love to you all, Pauline xx

Suzanne 11:39:14, 14/09/11

Sorry to hear your news. It will happen at some point though. Maybe you can write us some more songs!

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