Phoenix’ Billy Buckett Success

Billy Buckett: Mind Over Matters Blues

Congratulations to the very talented cast & crew of Phoenix Ensemble’s rehearsed reading of Jay Turner’s Brit-rock-n-roll musical BILLY BUCKETT which showed at the Pavilion Theatre, Beenleigh, on 27-28 April.

What was achieved in eight short rehearsals was nothing short of amazing!!    It was far more than a reading where the actors normally sit on their bums and do exactly that – read.  The cast moved, interacted, sang and danced and embodied their characters, bringing the story to life, with scripts in hand.  Bold, brave and no mean feat.

The audiences had a ball and gave very valuable feedback, both written and oral, after the shows. Thanks to this experience, Jay & Cath as the writers have been able to further refine the script and their vision for the full production, which hopefully will come to fruition in the not too distant future.  Watch this space!  More pics below…

The Chicken Factory Chicks: Shirley & Betty (Brea Robertson & Hannah Crowther)

Special Thanks to:
* Heather Scott for her hands-on help with everything from casting to publicity and production matters

* The cast: Scott Johnson (Billy B.), Kate Doohan (Janette Burns), Big Ted (Joel Mikkelsen), Bec Hundy (Maureen), Jack Henry (Arthur Burns), Deb Taylor (Helen Burns), Hannah Crowther (Betty), Lachlan Clark (Marty), Brea Robertson (Shirley), Scott Young (Brian), Briana Thompson (Doo-wop girl), Courtney Taylor (Doo-wop girl).

* The production team & crew: Lou Thompson (Lighting), Blake Russell & Renee Welland (Follow-spots), Cath Mundy (Director), Jay Turner (Musical Director/Sound Design & operator).

* John Burton for filming the dress rehearsal, and two performances.

* Celia Powell for taking still-shots of the performance

* Phoenix Ensemble Board of Directors for putting their faith in “Billy Buckett” and investing the development of a new work.

Maureen aka Mo (Bec Hundy)
What’ll I Do? Billy Buckett as played by Scott Johnson

I’m in love with Mr Cool: Jan Burns (played by Kate Doohan)
Restless: Big Ted (Joel Mikkelsen)
Self-Made Man: Helen & Arthur Burns (Deb Taylor & Jack Henry)
Doo-wop Girls (Briana Thompson & Courtney Taylor)
Dynamo: Big Ted & Maureen (Bec Hundy & Joel Mikkelsen)
We’re like Moses: Sparky & Pimples (Lachlan Clark & Scott Young)

Tender Is The Night: Jan & Billy (Kate Doohan & Scott Johnson)

I’ll keep on playing this game of life! – the cast of BB, April 2012

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