New Music Video Asks “Have You Forgotten Me?”

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: “Have You Forgotten Me?” music video

November 16 is a significant date for many survivors of child abuse in Australia’s out-of-home-care system. It is the anniversary of the National Apology to the Forgotten Australians and Former British Child Migrants, made in 2009 by then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd; our nation’s formal acknowledgement of the suffering of children, that occurred in our care-system up until the 1990s.

To mark the upcoming seventh anniversary of the National Apology, Micah Projects and Australian singer/songwriter duo Mundy-Turner are launching a brand new music video entitled “Have You Forgotten Me?”.

The video features Mundy-Turner performing a song especially written and recorded for Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants: children and young people who suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse at the hands of so-called ‘carers’ in government-sanctioned institutional or other out-of-home care during the 20th century.

The video has been released online during the week of the anniversary of the National Apology, Wednesday 16 November.

The recent tragic murder of 12 year-old Tialeigh Palmer whilst ‘in care’ yet again highlights how important it is for the Australian and State Governments to adequately fund the close monitoring of the safety of vulnerable children within its welfare system and continue to support to those who have experienced the out-of-home-care system.

The problem isn’t new. For over one hundred years, between 1876 and 1996, more than 500, 000 children have been identified as having experienced institutional abuse in the care system.

Add to this Australia’s disturbing current immigration policy, where young children are kept incarcerated for unlimited periods in often-dangerous situations on and offshore, and it becomes easy to make a case that government-sanctioned child-abuse is shamefully not yet a thing of the past.

Former Prime Minister Rudd made two National Apologies: in 2007 to the Stolen Generations of Australian Aborigines and, on 16 November 2009, one to the Forgotten Australians and Former British Child Migrants.

Unfortunately, this second National Apology is often confused with the first. A large proportion of the Australian public still remain ignorant of the stories of those who experienced child abuse in an institutional setting, unaware of this sad and significant chapter of our national story. It is heartening, however, that the current government has recently announced the establishment of a National Redress Scheme, as recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse.

Micah Project’s poignant music video, directed by award-winning film-maker Katrina Irawati Graham, is aimed at raising awareness about the current plight of adults who experienced institutional child abuse and the ever-present spectre of inadequate child protection within our government’s jurisdiction.


The official launch & screening of “Have You Forgotten Me?” will be Friday evening 18 November, 7pm at the State Library of Queensland’s Edge Auditorium, as part of the Songs of Justice National Apology Anniversary concert, presented by Micah Projects.

DVD copies of the music video will be presented to Forgotten Australians as a tribute to their long struggle for recognition and acknowledgement.

The launch will also feature Forgotten Australians from Brisbane’s Lotus Place joining Mundy-Turner and With One Voice Brisbane choir in a live performance of “Have You Forgotten Me?”; a fitting and moving finale to this year’s Anniversary event.

All are encouraged to join the Release team for the video to help spread the healing and awareness. Just SHARE the video with your networks, using this YouTube link:


* Micah Projects – Adele Renwick: 0408 736 519 /

* Mundy-Turner – Cath Mundy & Jay Turner: 0424 127 580 / 0405 974 561 / /

Michael Campbell 07:15:49, 08/11/16

This fitting tribute and poignant reminder is very well presented by Cath and Jay and if required I would like to be included in the release team.

admin 05:25:23, 14/11/16

Thank you, Michae! Here is the link to the video on YouTube:
Please share it far and wide, so that the healing may continue.

Godfrey Gilmour 05:19:01, 14/11/16

As a former child migrant , I was deeply moved by the sentiment expressed by Cath & Jay in this song. Their sincerity and emotive response to the pain and hurt we experienced as children in care following our arrival in WA provided a healing balm to quell the pain many of us still feel
A sincere thank you from me. Godfrey Gilmour, Child Migrant 1953.

admin 05:27:05, 14/11/16

Hello Godfrey, Thank you so much for your response to the song and video. Your words mean so much to us. Please feel free to share the song far & wide, so that the healing can continue.

Songfully, Cath & Jay

admin 05:32:30, 14/11/16

Godfrey, would you be happy for us to quote what you’ve said above ins response to the song/video? Either anonymously or with your name, the choice is entirely yours. Your feedback is so significant to us. You can email us at .
Many thanks, Cath & Jay

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