“I have heard your mundy-turner cd.  Absolutely great.  I am reminded of Kristen Grainger & Dan Wetzel, ‘Part Circus, Part Rodeo’.  I am also touched by the Album’s dedication.”  Peter Maslen on Ha’Penny Tweedle.

“Recently we attended one of the “Live in the Library” series at Toowong Library, with Mundy-Turner performing.  I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it, both my own family, and the other families around me.  Their performance was enriching in so many ways – their musical & vocal skills were apparent, and it was so great for my kids to see accomplished performers live and up-close.  I personally loved hearing of the story behind each song, and I was not the only one with tears in my eyes as they told stories through words and music.  I especially loved hearing Catherine’s Australian accent shining through in her singing – so good to hear her pride in her heritage.  My kids and I talked about the performance over the next few days, and my daughter was still humming one of their tunes a week or so after the performance.  Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to experience this for free, and in our local library.  We would definitely attend again if there are future Live In the Library performances…and most especially if it is Mundy-Turner – it was a highlight of our week :)”  Audience member, “Songwriters Confess” Live in the Libraries @ Toowong Library, Brisbane

“I’ve just experienced my first Mundy-Turner house concert as a host.  What does that mean?  The energy, the vibe & the joy; it was captivating beyond words.  You get to embrace the magic between this very devoted, very humble couple, the songs they write together, the story behind the songs, the joy in performing their music together.  It just takes your breath away.  This is a musical journey that everyone has the opportunity to share with others in their very own home.  Would I do it again? Yes! Like Tomorrow!”
Bev Anti, House Concert Host, Samsonvale, Australia

“I love your song Unfinished Business becasue it’s about when the government didn’t pay the people and it is a really fabulous song.  I love the chorus a lot and I always sing it.  It was a really excellent evening – I got to stay up late and I had a reason to stay up late.  It was a superior night because the music was fantastic.  I love Mundy-Turner!!!!!”
Scarlett Parkes, Aged 8, House Concert Audience member, Australia

“How rapt was I to see your names on the Port Fairy program this year?!  I first came across you guys at Port Fairy a few years ago and was totally knocked for a six.  I will never forget the shivers down my spine as Cath told the Little Birds story in that huge white tent.  You could have heard a pin drop…. I have been wearing out my Mundy-Turner cds ever since.  Can’t wait – I’ll be the adoring fan in the front row.”
Fan, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Australia

“I’ve taken my mum to see three gigs this year – Queen, Status Quo & Mundy-Turner.”
Fan, Bluebell Inn, Essex, UK

“Anyone who saw Mundy-Turner perform at Cropredy Festival in the summer will be aware of how powerful they have become. If they are still touring by the time you read this, don’t miss them.”
Folk On Tap Magazine, UK: Mundy-Turner at Cropredy Festival, 2002

“Just a note to say that we thought you did a great job compering Cropredy this year.  I loved hearing you both sing between acts.  Jay – we listening to all of ‘The Garway Years’ on our journey home, we were blown away by it and I relished the chance to get re-acquainted with some of the songs I remember from all those years ago!  They are truly inspiring albums and I shall be plugging them relentlessly to all and sundry.”
Fan, Cropredy Festival, UK, 2004

“Mundy -Turner use infectious humour, adept playing & wit to spread a wecoming feeling…indeed, Mundy-Turner are what live music is all about.  They soothe the soul & massage our singing muscles with colourful imagery of faraway people & places”
Cowichan NewsLeader, Vancouver Is., Canada,2003

“Mundy-Turner is a duo that’s not afraid to mix emotion and topicality and present folk music in a manner that can reach beyond the folk scene to any audience.” 2002

“Keep up the great gigs; timeless music, inspirational words and the voice of an angel!”
Fan, Essex, UK, 2004

“We had the pleasure of first seeing and hearing you at Port Fairy Folk Festival & were blown away with your music.  We picked up program for the Brunswick Music Festival at Port Fairy to discover that you were again appearing there.  What a different venue and a much more intimate experience, a most enjoyable evening.  What fantastic talents you both are and please continue to make beautiful music for a long time.”
Fans, Brunswick Music Festival, Australia, 2006

“Their quality and levels were so full, one may have otherwise thought that there was more than just these two making their sound…superbly achieved.”
Rave Magazine, Brisbane: Mundy-Turner supporting The Corrs at Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 1997

“Mesmerising sensitivity, voices to die for.  Powerful, yet unpretentious – Mundy-Turner’s headline concert supporting Rolf Harris was nothing short of brilliant…”
Sue Torres, Director, Stroud Festival of Performing Arts, 1999

“Mundy-Turner breezed in like a breath of fresh air and took the Jersey audiences by storm.  We only book one act from each year’s line-up to return for the next festival.  Mundy-Turner were the popular and obvious choice.”
Gerry Jackson, Director, Jersey Festival of World Music, 1998

“What a cracking evening at the Bluebell.  Thank you so very much for all the pleasure you give people with your consummate professionalism, beautiful lyrics (we both had lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes during The Quivering, Little Birds & My Grandfather’s Eyes), wonderfully soaring melodies, the dynamics of which leaves one totally lost in admiration.”
Fans, UK, 2005

“Mundy-Turner mesmerised the crowd… Their music is clearly from the soul – moving, romantic, uplifting and playful.”
Linda Crossley, Owner, Village Hearth and Terrace, Calgary, Canada, 2001

“Mundy-Turner were an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT!!!
Their contagious lyrics and hum-along melodies, impeccable instrumentation and vocals were as refreshing as a tall glass of ice tea on a hot summer day.  In over a decade of concert promotion, we have not witnessed performers who have captivated their audience so quickly and so completely – the Mundy-Turner “buzz” still echoes through our concert series many months (and performers) later….we can’t wait to see them again in Canada!!!”
The Moaning Summit Concert Series, Calgary, Canada, 2001

“A real *gem* of a show.  Mundy-Turner are something special.  Inventive arrangements, close harmony, and a good variety of tempii and styles…  The music is refreshingly different – some numbers are dark, others uptempo; some romantic, others overtly political; and many are underscored with an infectious pop sensibilty.  If you get a chance to see them play, grab it!!!
Netrhythms, UK, 2001

“Thank you for making some of the most uplifting music I’ve ever encountered.”
Fan Letter

“…With Jay Turner on guitars and Catherine Mundy on violin and piano, you’re looking to see who else is helping to make such a beautiful noise…”
Hilary Falconer, Waikato Times, Hamilton, New Zealand

“Wow!  What a fantastic concert we had last night.  Our audience loved Cath & Jay…they are both consummate performers and musicians and combine together so well in tone, dynamics, and textural quality.  One minute they were hard-hitting and powerful, the next – soft and sweet like honey…”
Mark Dashper, Concert Organiser, Pukehou, New Zealand

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