Jay’s current solo project is to delve into his earliest musical roots & explore the UK pop music of the late 1950’s & early 1960’s.

He is self-producing backing tracks as close to the originals as he can get in his studio, ready to sing & play guitar to at retro events, retirement villages & anywhere people might be interested in that very iconic & nostalgic period – the birth of Rock’nRoll!

Of course, the charts were far more eclectic back then than they are now, so that means a wide selection of music is at his disposal.
Right now, the hit artist roster includes a fine selection of Elvis, Roy Orbison, The Everlys, Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Buddy Holly, Del Shannon, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochrane, Fats Domino, Sam Cooke et al.

Jay has two specific shows to offer – an hour-long concert-style presentation, with stories & songs, and 3×45-minute sets of songs & instrumentals for listening, dancing & singing along to! Call him on 0424 127 580, or email jay@mundyturner.com to discuss prices.

Jay Turner – A History:

Jay’s musical journey started at age 7, when his two cousins Peter & Jeannie Smith came to live with their grandparents (where Jay & his mother were already ensconced). Jeannie & Peter were both teenagers & brought with them their most treasured possessions – rock’n’roll records by Buddy Holly & Fats Domino. Jeannie taught Jay how to Jive & pretty soon he was hooked! As time went by Jay & his mother moved away from his grandparents & he began his own individual journey into pop music. Cliff Richard & The Shadows & Elvis Presley dominated his musical life almost exclusively, until The Beatles burst upon everyone in 1963. Along the way, he brushed with Eddie Cochrane, Neil Sedaka, Carol King & all the other pop greats of the day.

The finances in Jay’s house never stretched to an electric guitar, but at age 14, he bought a classical guitar & a love affair with the instrument began & remains unabated today. Since he hadn’t the equipment to join a band, Jay concentrated on playing guitar & singing his favourite songs, which by this time included American folk legends Tom Paxton & Pete Seeger. He began playing at local folk clubs, singing political & working-class songs of social struggle.

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