Bring Back the Magic: Billy Buckett 2018

It’s official! Jay Turner’s original stageshow Billy Buckett – A Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Story will return in a special 5th-anniversary production at 16-19 May 2018. Save the dates now!

We’ll be bringing back all your favourite characters and songs but we’re going to need your help.

Head to Billy Buckett’s website and our crowdfunding page ‘BB Pozible Campaign’ for more info on how you can help us bring Billy and the gang back to the stage.   There are many Rockin’ Rewards to enjoy in return!


BB’s Pozible Campaign Launch Gig: Watch the cast & band perform a selection of songs in our live webcast video to launch our crowd-funding campaign, recorded live-to-web on Sat 21 Oct 2017.


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Cath’s Choirs live on ABC Radio, 26 Feb 2017

Jay Turner Solo at Kuraby Markets


Jay will be performing a solo gig at Kuraby Markets on Saturday July 8, 2017 from 8:00am til noon.

In his solo gigs, Jay tends to play a ramped-up selection of his solo work prior to Mundy-Turner, as well as some Mundy-Turner material, some ‘Billy Buckett’ songs & other as-yet non-album material, all interspersed with surfy Shadows instrumentals.
Come & join him for a cruisy Saturday morning, in amongst the groovy stalls & coffee sellers down at the Kuraby Markets, just behind Kuraby Station.

A Bonzer Aussie Christmas

This Sunday, Cath & Jay will present a rare performance of songs from their Bonzer Aussie Christmas album and show which toured the UK for several years.

Original songs like “Wayne Wants a Surfboard For Christmas” and “Peace Is All We Need” nestle alongside well-known traditional carols and comic Aussie-fied carols given a refreshing Mundy-Turner treatment.

“Lake of Stars”, a favourite among Cath & Jay’s community choirs, takes the audience on a journey to the glorious rainforest crater-lake of Lake Eacham in Queensland’s Far North, where “Silent Night” takes on a new reverence in the cathedral of the Milky Way.

WHAT: Folk Redlands Christmas Bash
WHERE: Indigiscapes, Runnymead Rd, Capalaba, Redlands
WHEN: Sunday 4 December, 2016, 12-6pm
Enjoy lunch at the Indigiscapes Cafe then check out the many other acts.
Mundy-Turner perform at around 3:20-4pm.

Preview the Bonzer Aussie Christmas album: visit CD Baby
or iTunes

Music Video Launch Standing Ovation

Micah Project’s official launch of our new video “Have You Forgotten Me?” was a great success last Friday night the Edge Auditorium at the State Library of Queensland. It was thrilling (at least for us!) to see the film on the big screen. It looked amazing. Congratulations to the entire production and creative team!

The audience, many of whom were Forgotten Australians or Former Child Migrants, gave the film a standing ovation that lasted a long time. Many people sought us out to hug us and tell how much they loved it. Many tears.

A woman called Robyn Ellis, also a Forgotten Australian, had seen it on YouTube and had travelled from the Gold Coast to be present at the launch. It was lovely to meet her.

The evening was complete when we were joined by the voices of Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants from Lotus Place backed by With One Voice Brisbane choir to perform the song live. This was followed by a repeat performance encore with even more people joining us on stage! To hear it sung by so many diverse voices was beautiful. So much emotion! See video below.

In the 10 days since its public release on YouTube, the video has had over 1200 YouTube views. We’re aiming for at least 2000 YouTube views in its second week of release. Keep SHARING and helping to spread the healing balm and raise our awareness of this sad and significant chapter of Australia’s all-too-recent history. Here is the link to share it on YouTube.

Many thanks to Micah Projects, Lotus Place, Mick Davis (poet), Katrina Graham (director/producer), Linton Vivian (cinematographer), Tom Francis (editor), Katrine McLeod (art direction), Emma Spencer (co-producer) for your wonderful contributions of time, expertise and heart. We are very grateful and honoured to have been involved in this project.

To the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants to whom the song and video is dedicated, both those survivors today and those who have passed on, thank you for inspiring us with your incredible resilience and courage.

Here are some comments we’ve received from these very people:

“How beautiful and very fitting. Many would respond with Yes they have forgotten us. I will share and try and urge to have it played at the NSW Forgotten Apology Day this week at the Botanical Gardens.

As a Ward of 8 placements and a further 3 institutions. over 11 years physical, mental and sexual abuse from 8 years old. it is a crime beyond repair. I have prayed to die at a young age. It is the Governments that need to hear these words. I have asked Wattle Place, the providers through Relationships Australia to play it at our meeting at the botanical gardens in Sydney on Wednesday, when we reflect on those brothers and sisters in care who have passed on either naturally or committed suicide. as an Advocate I will fill every crevice on social media that I am able.
Kind Regards E.B.” 14 November 2016

“As a former child migrant, I was deeply moved by the sentiment expressed by Cath & Jay in this song. Their sincerity and emotive response to the pain and hurt we experienced as children in care following our arrival in WA provided a healing balm to quell the pain many of us still feel.
 A sincere thank you from me. Godfrey Gilmour, Child Migrant 1953” 14 November 2015

“Today was the first time I heard the song ‘Have you Forgotten Me?’ and I can honestly say it was beautifully sung. I enjoy the lyrics; appropriate for the 18th of November. I grew up in Renwick (Mittagong) and Glebe (Sydney) orphanages from 1969 to 1982 with 29 placements all of different homes and foster care.

Your lyrics and singing will continue to uplift my soul and as I listen, I know I am not alone and that someone cares enough to share the love. Thank you whole-heartedly for touching my life in more ways than you can imagine.

With warm regards, Robyn Ellis” 15 November 2016

“For the protection of children is the sacred duty of us all.” – former PM Kevin Rudd’s National Apology to the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants. LEST WE FORGET!

Music Video Launch Event: Fri 18 Nov 2016

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: “Have You Forgotten Me?” music video

Mundy-Turner is very excited and proud to announce the upcoming release of our new music video commissioned by Micah Projects of our song “Have You Forgotten Me?”, written in collaboration with Mick Davis.

This is the first time we’ve had a film made of one of our songs. It was a great privilege to work with award-winning film-maker Katrina Irawati Graham as director/producer, cinematographer Linton Vivian, art director Katrine McLeod, co-producer Emma Spencer and film-editor Tom Francis.

The video is being released online in the week on the 7th anniversary of the National Apology to the Forgotten Australians & Former Child Migrants, 16 November 2016.

The official launch & screening of “Have You Forgotten Me?” will be Friday evening 18 November, 7pm at the State Library of Queensland’s Edge Auditorium, South Bank, Brisbane, in a special event presented by Micah Projects to mark the 7th Anniversary of the National Apology to the Forgotten Australians & Former Child Migrants.

Forgotten Australians are the more than 500,000 children who were raised in institutions and out-of-home ‘care’ during the 20th century. Invariably, these children were traumatised by the abusive treatment they received in these places. As the song says, we pray that “no child need ask again – ‘have you forgotten me?'”

DVD copies of the music video will be presented to Forgotten Australians as a tribute to their long struggle for recognition and acknowledgement.

The launch will also feature Forgotten Australians from Brisbane’s Lotus Place joining Mundy-Turner and With One Voice Brisbane choir in a live performance of “Have You Forgotten Me?”; a fitting and moving finale to this year’s Anniversary event.

The video is now released online via YouTube and Vimeo. YOU can get involved in sharing the video to your networks by joining our video Release team.
Just share this YouTube link:

We are very grateful to Micah Projects for funding the project to create this poignant piece to raise awareness about this significant chapter of Australia’s history.


* Micah Projects – Adele Renwick: 0408 736 519 /
* Mundy-Turner – Cath Mundy & Jay Turner: 0424 127 580 / 0405 974 561 / /

Read Article:

New Music Video Asks “Have You Forgotten Me?”

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: “Have You Forgotten Me?” music video

November 16 is a significant date for many survivors of child abuse in Australia’s out-of-home-care system. It is the anniversary of the National Apology to the Forgotten Australians and Former British Child Migrants, made in 2009 by then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd; our nation’s formal acknowledgement of the suffering of children, that occurred in our care-system up until the 1990s.

To mark the upcoming seventh anniversary of the National Apology, Micah Projects and Australian singer/songwriter duo Mundy-Turner are launching a brand new music video entitled “Have You Forgotten Me?”.

The video features Mundy-Turner performing a song especially written and recorded for Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants: children and young people who suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse at the hands of so-called ‘carers’ in government-sanctioned institutional or other out-of-home care during the 20th century.

The video has been released online during the week of the anniversary of the National Apology, Wednesday 16 November.

The recent tragic murder of 12 year-old Tialeigh Palmer whilst ‘in care’ yet again highlights how important it is for the Australian and State Governments to adequately fund the close monitoring of the safety of vulnerable children within its welfare system and continue to support to those who have experienced the out-of-home-care system.

The problem isn’t new. For over one hundred years, between 1876 and 1996, more than 500, 000 children have been identified as having experienced institutional abuse in the care system.

Add to this Australia’s disturbing current immigration policy, where young children are kept incarcerated for unlimited periods in often-dangerous situations on and offshore, and it becomes easy to make a case that government-sanctioned child-abuse is shamefully not yet a thing of the past.

Former Prime Minister Rudd made two National Apologies: in 2007 to the Stolen Generations of Australian Aborigines and, on 16 November 2009, one to the Forgotten Australians and Former British Child Migrants.

Unfortunately, this second National Apology is often confused with the first. A large proportion of the Australian public still remain ignorant of the stories of those who experienced child abuse in an institutional setting, unaware of this sad and significant chapter of our national story. It is heartening, however, that the current government has recently announced the establishment of a National Redress Scheme, as recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse.

Micah Project’s poignant music video, directed by award-winning film-maker Katrina Irawati Graham, is aimed at raising awareness about the current plight of adults who experienced institutional child abuse and the ever-present spectre of inadequate child protection within our government’s jurisdiction.


The official launch & screening of “Have You Forgotten Me?” will be Friday evening 18 November, 7pm at the State Library of Queensland’s Edge Auditorium, as part of the Songs of Justice National Apology Anniversary concert, presented by Micah Projects.

DVD copies of the music video will be presented to Forgotten Australians as a tribute to their long struggle for recognition and acknowledgement.

The launch will also feature Forgotten Australians from Brisbane’s Lotus Place joining Mundy-Turner and With One Voice Brisbane choir in a live performance of “Have You Forgotten Me?”; a fitting and moving finale to this year’s Anniversary event.

All are encouraged to join the Release team for the video to help spread the healing and awareness. Just SHARE the video with your networks, using this YouTube link:


* Micah Projects – Adele Renwick: 0408 736 519 /

* Mundy-Turner – Cath Mundy & Jay Turner: 0424 127 580 / 0405 974 561 / /

Two Gigs: Tues 1 Nov @ the BUG & Sun 6 Nov @ Folk Redlands

Two Mundy-Turner gigs in SE QLD this week coming:

* Tuesday 1 November @ The BUG (Brisbane Unplugged Gigs , New Farm Bowls Club, Brisbane
Show starts 7:30 with 3 blackboard performances, Mundy-Turner from 8:15-9pm, then The Mulberry Collective till 10pm.
Entry is $10 or $7 concession.

New Farm Bowls Club is on Brunswick St opposite New Farm Park. It has a great atmosphere, food at reasonable prices, good parking, public transport, a bar and a kitchen open till 8.30pm.

* Sunday 6 November @ FOLK REDLANDS, 17 Runnymede Rd, Capalaba, FREE PERFORMANCE AND WORKSHOP
1pm Blackboard performers welcome
2-3pm Instant Choir harmony singing with Mundy-Turner
3-4pm Mundy-Turner performance

Tablelands Tour 2016

Mundy-Turner are touring the Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland, for a series of playshops and concerts for the 2016 Tablelands Folk Festival and related events, during October 2016. See below for dates and details.

Sunday October 16
Taste of the Tablelands – Atherton 2×30 minute sets @ 12 noon and 2 pm
Venue: Chinese Temple, Main Street, Atherton
Contact: Nick Watling 4091 4455

Tuesday October 18
Instant Choir Playshop from 7-9pm
Bella Cappella and Atherton Performing Arts singers
Stan Moses Hall, Vernon Street, Atherton
Contact: Christina: 40915409 or Jacqui: 4091 2542

Wednesday October 19
Malanda Primary School
Instant Choir Playshop from 9 am till 11 am
24 Mary St, Malanda

Thursday October 20
Herberton CIA (Community Inter Action)
Instant Choir Playshop from 4 pm till 6 pm
Holy Trinity Church, Broadway Street, Herberton
Contact: Dianne Gates: 4096 2821

Thursday October 20 – Talbleands Folk Festival, Herberton
The Herberton Concert as part of the 2016 Tablelands Folk Festival
Royal Hotel Herberton, 46-48 Grace St, Herberton
4 acts on the program from 7 pm till 11 pm
Mundy-Turner 8 pm – 45 minute set

Saturday October 22 – Tablelands Folk Festival, Yungaburra
12.30 pm Community Hall – Instant Choir Playshops Combined Choir – 20 minutes
3.30 pm Garden Stage – 45 minute set
9 pm Pub Ballroom – 45 minute set

Sunday October 23 – Tablelands Folk Festival, Yungaburra
11 am St Mark’s Church – song-writing workshop (60 mins)
3 pm Pub Ballroom – 45 minute set
6 pm Volunteers Party – Pub Ballroom (optional)

New vids: Live at Logan Art Gallery

Check out the new videos on Mundy-Turner’s YouTube channel! Recorded at our 19 March 2016 performance Live at Logan Art Gallery, with videography by Pascal Burger & team and sound recording by PSB Audio, there is a video playlist of the 11 songs in order of the live performance set. Enjoy M-T faves plus new songs!

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Music in the Gallery: Sat 19 March

Photo by Yan Chen

Photo by Yan Chen

FREE CONCERT at Logan Art Gallery! Sat 19 March, 2-3pm followed by arvo tea.
Join Cath Mundy & Jay Turner as they take you on a journey through songs from their swag of original folk-roots albums, their rock ‘n’ roll musical “Billy Buckett” and the recent Qld Music Festival “Under This Sky – Logan’s Musical Celebration”. Mundy-Turner’s CDs will be on sale. Afternoon tea is provided. Please RSVP for catering purposes by phoning 07 3412 5426.

Logan Art Gallery: corner of Jacaranda Avenue and Wembley Rd, Logan Central

The Logan Project: SBS tv documentary

“The Logan Project”, a 2-part tv documentary about “Under This Sky”, the BIG show which Jay & Cath worked on for a large chunk of last year, aired on 26 Jan 2016 to hugely positive reviews from critics, media and general public.

It is available to watch online here for another month from 26 Jan 2016:

The doco was produced/directed by the talented Rani Chaleyer and follows the behind-the-scenes stories of several participants of the Qld Music Festival mega community production “Under This Sky”, a show which celebrated our community of Logan with 700 performers taking to the stage with a work created by and for our community, steered beautifully by QMF producer Tara Hobbs, Creative Director Sean Mee, Writer David Burton, Music Director Morganics and overseen by Artistic Director James Morrison.

Watching it reminds us again how very honoured we were and are to have played a role in this cultural undertaking of such gigantic proportions and heart!  So proud of Logan!

Thank you QMF for coming to our community and inviting us to re-shape the narrative of this place through music, theatre, dance and go-karts!






Logan rocked under the rising moon

Thousands turned out for Logan's Queensland Music Festival at the weekend. Please credit photos to Justin Nicholas. Photo Contributed

Thousands turned out for Logan’s Queensland Music Festival 1-2 August 2015. Photo by Justin Nicholas.

The perfectly-timed full moon rose in the glorious clear winter skies, shining on a one-off, original production, described by audience members as “remarkable”, “astounding” and “epic”.   After months of intense work on the part of the creative and technical team, headed by Producer Tara Hobbs, Creative Director Sean Mee and Writer David Burton, the spectacular performing arts event UNDER THIS SKY, shown 31 July-2 August at Logan Brothers Rugby field, was an unqualified success.

The production celebrated the extraordinary community spirit of the City of Logan which we have called home for 8 years now.  Logan, between the Gold Coast to the south, Brisbane to the north and the Scenic Rim to the west, is a place that has been much-aligned by a press focussed on negative stereotypes, giving little attention to the broader and yet more intimate story of people from 205 different ethnic groups living together in harmony and the overflowing creativity and talent inherent here.

Spear-headed by Artistic Director James Morrison, the 90-minute show involved 600 performers ranging from opera-singers to rap-artists, hip-hop dancers to stunt go-kart drivers, plus 20-voiced All-Stars choir, 160-voiced Massed Community Choir, 80-voiced Children’s Choir, numerous solo singers, 70-piece orchestra under the baton of Shaun Dorney, a hot 5-piece band, a live DJ (DJ Bacon) mixing it up with Musical Director and MC Morganics.

Telling the story of a ‘Day In The Life Of Logan’, the play was cleverly staged by Sean Mee in an existing park beside the Logan Brothers Rugby grounds, especially landscaped by Logan City Council with terraced stages for the show.

Muriel, the opera-singing bag-lady (played by Clarice Wliliams), reveals her wings accompanied by her magical singing Sprites (Sophie Moman, Eva Bartlett, Kirra Lang & Angela Koranski)

Muriel, the opera-singing bag-lady (played by Clarice Wliliams), reveals her wings accompanied by her magical singing Sprites (Sophie Moman, Eva Bartlett, Kirra Lang & Angela Koranski). Photo by Paul Harris.

The all-original score traversed diverse musical styles from rap to soul to opera, while all the songs were generated by the creative community of Logan.  This was a Qld Music Festival ‘first’ for this type of community project, where normally the QMF commissions a composer to write all the music for the show.  In this case, Logan had the talent to create the musical assets from scratch.  No mean feat!

UNDER THIS SKY brought together our incredibly diverse community in a way that only the performing arts can and uplifted us all beyond the limits of the sky.  It was surely Logan at its most beautiful – we are so proud & honoured to have been part of Under This Sky.

#underthissky #logan2015 #cityoflogan #qldmusicfest


BLOG by Mia Cobbin featuring behind-the-scenes photos:  Under This Sky Blog by Mia Cobbin

BLOG by Joanna Funk: Behind-the-scenes insight into the UTS experience by the only melodica player in the orchestra!  Joanna Funk’s Blog

ARTICLE: The Age, 22 August 2015.  “Can a musical spectacular staged on a footy field bind a community riven by racial disharmony and disadvantage? Frank Robson visits Queensland’s Logan City to find out.”

Read more:
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ARTICLE: The Reporter, 6 August 2015 Record Crowds Turned Out to See Logan’s Story Hit The Stage

ARTICLE: SBS world news (sadly the video of the TV article is no longer online, only the readable version)

REVIEW: The Australian 3 August 2015 by Martin Buzacott.  The Australian – Logan Songs Lift Under This Sky

Mr Buzacott’s review is positive but not entirely accurate (we had 15,000 over the three nights) or sensible   (how could the songs be the highlight of the show if the vocal delivery of them didn’t meet its mark?  The singing & sound was, by ALL accounts from audience members, really top-quality!) but on the whole a very nice review.  And very good for Jay and his fellow band members to be mentioned by name.

My fave quote: …it was the songs…that really drove this engaging celebration of all that’s to be appreciated under the convenient almost-full moon of a Logan sky.  

It helped that the house band – consisting of Sam, Sebastian & Lole Tuuga, Jay Turner, Liam Madden and DJ Bacon – was a gem, igniting the place when playing reggae and segueing seamlessly into everything from soul-funk to Pachelbel’s Canon and on to the Tennessee Waltz.”



Mundy-Turner’s began work on the project in January 2015.  This intensified during the last 4 months leading into the early August performance, seeing Cath take a break from running one of her regular choirs in order to accommodate the extra stress on her schedule.

Under This Sky's Children's Choir performing Cath Mundy's composition "Children of the Universe", conducted by Cath!

Under This Sky’s Children’s Choir with conductor Cath Mundy performing Cath’s own composition “Children of the Universe”.

Cath was contracted to work as Choral Conductor/Arranger.  This role saw Cath forming and conducting  the especially-auditioned 20-voice “All-Stars” house-choir who performed vocals throughout the show, several small vocal ensembles and directing the 180-voiced massed community choir (including 80 children) for the 3-song Finale.  Cath’s job included writing/overseeing the choral and vocal arrangements of the entire UTS vocal score.




Jay, ready for soundcheck on the "orchestral eyrie", a 4-metre high platform that held the Band, DJ Bacon, MC Morganics, the All-Stars choir and the 80-piece orchestra.

Jay, ready for soundcheck on the “orchestral eyrie”, a 4-metre high platform that held the Band, DJ Bacon, MC Morganics, the All-Stars choir and the 80-piece orchestra.

Jay worked as Assistant Choral Director as well as playing Electric Guitar, Mandolin and 6-string tenor ukulele in the UTS House-Band, alongside the purpose-built 80-piece community orchestra under the baton of Shaun Dorney.

Both Jay & Cath were busy as contributing composers/songwriters and members of the music-development team.

Jay’s song ‘Get There From Here’ (from our album ‘High Life’, with new lyrics written by Jay especially for the show) was the celebratory closing number of the event.

All-Stars vocal ensemble:  directed by Cath Mundy

All-Stars Vocal Ensemble, directed by Cath Mundy.  Thanks to Tracy Francis for the photo.  BACK ROW: Jade-Kelly McMahon, Alyssa Magarry, Larissa Claasen, Hannah Schloman, Jay-lee Senituli, Sarah Hill, Alla Yarosh, Jordan Pineda, Fred Lemalu, Sam Tyrell-Tuuga, Jeremy Tyrell-Tuuga. MID ROW (L-R): Alyssa Maughan, Kelly Houston, Lanita Tyrell-Tuuga, Tracy Francis, Angela Coppolaro, Cath Mundy, Row Blackshaw, Tiffany Gitsham, Brian Garnham. FRONT ROW (L-R): Tiarna Gibbons, Manu Fabila-Hicks

Cath’s choral piece ‘Children Of The Universe’ was performed by the All-Stars Vocal Ensemble, the 80-voice children’s choir, beat-boxer Morganics and the UTS House-Band.

Jay & Cath also collaborated to create, develop and arrange many other pieces in the show, including rock-epic ‘Waking Up This City’ and a new arrangement of the Australian National Anthem in the local indigenous Yugambeh language ‘Wandah! Jageegan Jagun (Rise up! Beautiful Country)’.   Cath played live keyboard to accompany young singers Tiarna Gibbons (12 yo) and Manu Fabila-Hicks (18yo) as they presented the Anthem in duet.

Cath’s mum worked tirelessly behind the scenes to support Jay & Cath in looking after their 8 year old son throughout the project.  Thank you so much Barbara – none of this would have been possible without you!!

The show was reviewed in The Australian arts section and also covered on SBS World news (Cath was prominent in her red top & white gloves dancing around in front of the choirs!) and there is a 2-part TV documentary about the show made by SBS, to be aired in November.

We were exhausted by the end of it but happily so – what a dream project!  To work locally with a creative team of international calibre on a new show so totally unique and relevant to who we are as a community.  UTS was an empowering experience never to be forgotten by all who participated.

Under This Sky – Logan’s Musical Celebration: Queensland Music Festival

Things are hotting up!  Casting offers have recently gone out to the many talented performers and choirs who auditioned for the Qld Music Festival’s newly-titled large-scale production “UNDER THIS SKY – LOGAN’S MUSICAL CELEBRATION”.  I am really looking forward to working with all the singers and choirs.

Jay is honoured to have been asked to join the Band, with Samoan 3-piece funk outfit Bass 6, headed by awesome keyboard player Sam Tuuga.  Orchestra rehearsals are now also in full-swing.  Landscaping of the huge staging area at the side of Logan Brother’s Rugby field is also very much underway – last week, we saw the beautiful stone terraces are done and turf laid.

And it is very cool that SBS are making a 3-part TV documentary about the show!  Thrilled that Australia is going to see what we have to offer here in Logan – amazing talent, generosity, positivity and a glorious community spirit.  #logan2015 #cityoflogan #qldmusicfest

Queensland Music Festival’s BIG SHOW 2015

The Queensland Music Festival, under the Artistic Directorship of renowned Australian musician James Morrison, is celebrating our community, Logan, in its next big show, and Mundy-Turner is very excited to be part of the creative team working on the production.

Logan will be under the spotlight for three nights (31 July -2 August 2015) at Logan Brothers Football field, Logan Central) in an large-scale outdoor performance extravaganza of original music, theatre, dance, drama – written with, for and about our community.

Cath has signed the contract for the role of Choral Conductor, working with around 15 different singing groups which will culminate in a huge massed choir experience.

We are also both engaged in the development of the 90-minute show’s original music score, workshopping/writing songs and instrumentals with members of the show’s Creative Team.  Jay has been writing and recording demos like no-body’s business!!

The QMF Logan creative team includes Sean Mee (Director), David Burton (Writer/Assistant Director), Tara Hobbs (Producer), Morganics (Musical Director),  Shaun Dorney (Orchestra Conductor and Arranger) and Neridah Waters (Choreographer) and Josh McIntosh (designer).

So South-East Queenslanders – 31 July, 1 Aug, 2 Aug!!  Mark it in your diary and be there at Logan Brothers Football field to witness an artistic spectacle like no other and something which we believe will be more than a little bit magical: our lovely City of Logan Like You’ve Never Experienced It!! #qldmusicfest #Logan2015

Auditions are being held in late March 2015 for orchestra/musicians, actors and singers to perform in the show.  See article below for more details.

Refugee (Have Mercy): Walking Borders art in action



Our original song Refugee (Have Mercy) is the theme song for the beautiful and heartfelt art action “Walking Borders”, a project that is bringing awareness to the plight of asylum seekers during the upcoming G20 gathering in Brisbane.

YOUTUBE MUSIC VIDEO:  View our specially-filmed live performance of Refugee (Have Mercy) for Walking Borders with our 80+ voice massed choir of members from Freedom Train, Mixed Beans and With One Voice Brisbane choirs: “Refugee (Have Mercy)” for Walking Borders

Walking Borders participants will be walking a relay around the G20 security-exclusion border of the Brisbane CBD in support of the rights and humane treatment of asylum seekers in Australia and worldwide.  Along the border, they are leaving small paper boats hand-made for the project, as a poignant reminder of the fragility and vulnerability of those who come seeking refuge by boat.

The song will be sung by a massed group on Sat 15 November during the G20 conference, as a flotilla of paper boats is released along the Brisbane River at South Bank.  Everyone is welcome to join us on this day to sing the boats!!

For more details visit:  #WalkingG20


Thanks to:
Director/Editor: Pascal Burger
Camera operators: Michael O’Brien, Pascal Burger and Tilian Burger
Audio Engineering: Jay Turner
Also thanks to: Brisbane City Council, Ozharvest, With One Voice Brisbane, Freedom Train, Mixed Beans, Singclusion Inc, Creativity Australia, Alison Herbst, Sabine Goeman, Sophie Barwick, Cath Mundy, All Choir Members and their supporters, Scotia Monkivitch, Carolina Caliaba and all Walking Borders supporters/participants.
(c) Music & Lyrics Copyright Jay Turner and Catherine Mundy 2002

Grant Success with RADF!!

Mundy-Turner were proud to perform a short acoustic set at the Logan Art Gallery on 7 June 2014 as part of the RADF* showcase of RADF grant recipients (Regional Arts Development Fund) in Logan City.

Logan City Council Councillor and RADF Chair Jennie Breene then presented us with the cheque for our grant of $8000 to complete the final development of the script and full score for BILLY BUCKETT – A ROCK ‘N’ ROLL LOVE STORY in preparation for publishing and the planned premiere professional-level production of the show in 2015.

Thank you to the RADF committee, Logan City Council & Arts Queensland and especially to Chelsi Foskett, RADF Officer for Logan City Council.  We are so graetful that the arts is supported in our local region and are very proud to live in lovely Logan.

Gig Review: Upfront Club 3 May 2014

Mundy-Turner Band @ The Upfront Club, Maleny

The Mundy-Turner Band’s first appearance at Maleny’s iconic Upfront Club, up in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland, was a delight.  It may have been cold outside but our hearts were warm and full.

Not many bands have a drummer like Jono Filmer!  We are so glad we do.  Jono heard that the stage at the Upfront Club was small and that we wouldn’t have space for a full drum-kit.  So he got online and bought a new STAND-UP drumkit by mail-order.  The new drum kit was delivered to Jono in Logan late Friday arvo.  On Sat arvo he learned to play it during a 4-hour jam session.  He then took it to Maleny and performed a blistering 1 hour set in front of the Upfront audience on Saturday night.

As you see in the picture below, you have to STAND to play this drumkit.   It is entirely different to a normal drum-kit and would take a lot of getting used to.  But Jono, having only learned to play it that day, never (quite literally ;)) skipped a beat.

Our bass player Chris Powell also went shopping to help make the gig a success, buying a “sans amp” bass pedal, so we wouldn’t have to try to fit his large bass amp on the small stage.  It sounded great!  Thank you to Chris & Jono – your dedication to creating a quality sound is beyond compare.

THANK YOU to: the Upfront Club staff & organisers especially Danny the awesome sound engineer, Suzanne and Jeff for coming to see us play PLUS amazing hospitality and beautiful friendship (& their cosy kingside bed for the night), our 7-year old Joshua for being “on the team”, my beautiful mum Barbara for coming on the adventure and looking after Josh while we were busy.

More THANKS to the wonderful audience, especially friends and family who came to see us play – to my cousin Oriana and her family who came along to see us play from the Sunny Coast, Nadia & Ali and family from Albany down in Brisbane, Holly and family from Maleny (long time no see!)…  It was a magic night.

Congrats to young RUBY who won the M-T ALBUM draw.

Jono's new stand-up kit

Jono’s new stand-up kit

IMG_1810IMG_1811 IMG_1818 IMG_1832 IMG_1841IMG_1813 IMG_1845

FOLK ROCK FANTASTIC: Gig Review: Coast Acoustics 26 April 2014

Mundy-Turner Band @ Coast Acoustics, Nerang, Gold Coast

Rob & Jackie, organisers of great music club Coast Acoustics at Nerang on the Gold Coast.Rob & Jackie, organisers of Coast Acoustics.

It’s taken us a few months (everyone’s been BUSY!) but finally the Mundy-Turner Band performed our first gig of 2014 on Sat 26 April, a rather hot autumn afternoon, at the COAST ACOUSTICS the Country Paradise Parklands, Nerang on the Gold Coast.  It was our first visit to this music club.  What a great welcome we received!  We were impressed with the friendliness of the organisers Rob & Jackie Saunders and their dedicated band of volunteers who worked hard together to create an excellent experience for lovers of acoustic music.  The quality of the blackboard performers was exceptional and it was so nice to be able to sit back with the lovely view of the green outside, relax with a brew and enjoy the music before our set.

Robert Hinton and Anton Chang, our friends from Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre’s AV club were filming our set for what we hope will be useable live clips for YouTube.

Thank you very much to all at Coast Acoustics for an enjoyable day in your company and to all the blackboard performers who took to the stage to share your talents – just lovely.  Congrats to LORNA who won the M-T ALBUM DRAW.  To those wonderful peeps who came to see us play, huge THANKS! <3

Found on Folk Redlands Facebook page this nice little review: 26 April 2014: “Mundy-Turner Band appear on Sunday May 18 at our lovely Indigiscapes hall.  We got a chance to see them them live this weekend.  Folk Rock fantastic!  They toured with Fairport Convention, no wonder.  WHAT A SHOW!

Steve Dorrington (who played the title role of  Billy Buckett in our 2013 production) & Chris Powell, our bass player extraordinaire

IMG_1758 IMG_1774 IMG_1755 IMG_1745 IMG_1763 IMG_1786

Upcoming Gigs

* Sun 6 SEPTEMBER: MUNDY-TURNER (duo) @ Logan River Jam

Father’s Day event at Logan River Parklands, Blackbird St, Beenleigh

Whole event runs 10am-3pm.    Bring the family for a Father’s Day picnic in the lovely parklands.  Enjoy performances by an array of performers.  Mundy-Turner perform twice – 11:25-11:55am and 1:55-2:30pm.  Our choir Freedom Train perform from 1:15-1:50.  Eats & Beats food trucks will be there too if you don’t want to BYO!

Mundy-Turner Band @ Coast Acoustics, Nerang, Gold Coast

Mundy-Turner Band @ Coast Acoustics, Nerang, Gold Coast

Five Palmie Awards for Billy Buckett

Palmie Award Winners 2013 for Billy Buckett: Jay Turner (Best Sound Design, Best Musical Director),   Lana Kristensen (Best Sound Design/Operation),   Cath Mundy (Best Musical Director),    Hannah Crowther (Best Choreographer)
Gold Coast Area Theatre Awards 2013 @ Gold Coast Arts Centre
Palmie Award Winners for Billy Buckett:
Jay Turner (Best Sound Design, Best Musical Director),
Lana Kristensen (Best Sound Design/Operation),
Cath Mundy (Best Musical Director),
Hannah Crowther (Best Choreographer)
Palmie Award Winner Scott Young: Best Supporting Actor in a Musical - for the role of "Pimples" in Billy Buckett
Palmie Award Winner Scott Young: Best Supporting Actor in a Musical – for the role of “Pimples” in Billy Buckett


Gold Palm Award 2013: Billy Buckett - Beenleigh Theatre Group
Gold Palm Award 2013: Billy Buckett – Beenleigh Theatre Group
For the full article, visit

Beaut Launch: Mundy-Turner Band

Band-members Cath Mundy, Chris Powell, Jay Turner & Jono Filmer celebrate the launch of the Mundy-Turner Band at the Logan Art Gallery.

Band-members Cath Mundy, Chris Powell, Jay Turner & Jono Filmer celebrate the launch of the Mundy-Turner Band at the Logan Art Gallery.

The Mundy-Turner Band was launched in style at the lovely Logan Art Gallery on Sat 23 November to a more-than-capacity crowd all eager to welcome the new band line-up, who performed Mundy-Turner’s all-original music for over an hour’s concert set.

Cath Mundy & Jay Turner’s usual duo line-up of fiddle, acoustic guitar, piano, percussion and vocals was artfully enhanced by the bass guitar of Chris Powell and the drumming of Jono Filmer.

The band rehearsed together several hours week in the months leading up to the launch and are looking forward future concerts to original music lovers in the locality and beyond.

Chris Powell (bass guitar) and Jono Filmer (drumkit) join Cath Mundy and Jay Turner's Mundy-Turner duo to form the new Mundy-Turner band.  Pictured 23 November 2013 @ the Logan Art Gallery

Chris Powell (bass guitar) and Jono Filmer (drumkit) join Cath Mundy and Jay Turner’s duo to form the new Mundy-Turner Band. Pictured 23 November 2013 @ the Logan Art Gallery.




Music in the Gallery: launching the new Mundy-Turner Band

Mundy-Turner perform Music in the Gallery 23 Nov

Mundy-Turner perform Music in the Gallery 23 Nov

Music in the Gallery: FREE CONCERT & ARVO TEA!

Sat 23 November, Logan Art Gallery, 2-3.30pm

Check out the debut gig of the new Mundy-Turner Band, as Cath & Jay (vocals, violin, piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele) perform original songs from their swag of seven albums joined by Chris Powell (bass guitar) and Jono Filmer (drumkit and backing vocals).

Enjoy your Mundy-Turner favourites enhanced by live full band arrangements in the delightful ambience of the art gallery.

WHAT:  Music in the Gallery: FREE 1 hour concert by the Mundy-Turner Band, followed by arvo tea

WHERE:  Logan Art Gallery, corner of Jacaranda and Wembley Rd, Logan Central
WHEN:  Sat 23 November 2013
TIME:  2-3:30pm
RSVP: by Wed 20 November to Logan Art Gallery for catering purposes Ph 3412 5519
Chris Powell: bass guitar

Chris Powell: bass guitar

Jono Filmer: drumkit and backing vocals

Jono Filmer: drumkit and backing vocals

Ten Nominations for Gold Coast Area Theatre Awards

We are extremely excited to announce that our rock ‘n’ roll musical BILLY BUCKETT has been nominated in TEN award categories in the Gold Coast Area Theatre Awards, including Outstanding Community Theatre Production.

Billy Buckett is also currently in the running for the Gold Palm award for the most nominated production across all categories.

Congratulations to ALL of our Bucketteers and to Beenleigh Theatre Group!  These nominations are a reflection and an acknowledgement of how well the BB team worked together to make this show a success.  We are ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to develop our musical with you.  THANK YOU for being on the team and for being a Billy Buckett Believer.

The GCATA Presentation Night is 10 December 2013 at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, preceded by a Nominees Cocktail party on Tuesday 3 December also at the GC Arts Centre.

Our award categories and nominees are:

Best Set Design                  Ian Johnson

Best Costumes                   Marg Oliver

Best Sound Design/Operation                        Lana Kristensen & Jay Turner

Best Choreographer           Hannah Crowther

Best Musical Director         Jay Turner & Cath Mundy

Best Director of a Musical or Musical Revue                  Roslyn Johnson

Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Community Theatre Musical          Scott Young

Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Community Theatre Musical                Allison Nipperess

Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Community Theatre Musical          Lauren Lee Innis-Youren

Outstanding Community Theatre Production

Chookas to all the nominees!  And remember that whatever the outcome on the night, simply to have been nominated is a great achievement and recognition in itself.

Premiere Season Sell-Out

The Billy Buckett Cast, Crew & Production Team before the final show of the World Premiere Season.  Photo by Vincent Swift Photography.

The World Premiere full production of Jay Turner’s BILLY BUCKETT – A ROCK ‘N’ ROLL LOVE STORY at Beenleigh’s Crete Street Theatre was a huge success.  The show sold out its entire season and broke several records for the Beenleigh Theatre Group.

At the Preview showing, the production received a joyful standing ovation – a Preview first for BTG – and has continued to received them from rapturous audiences at nearly every performance since.

Rave reviews have been coming in from theatre critics, writers and audience members.  Audiences have well and truly caught the “Billy Buckett Buzz” and were clamouring for tickets for the final weekend, to the point that extra seating had to be added.

Due to various reasons, the premiere season could not be extended, but it is certain that as the creators sign up with UK publisher StageScripts, this is just the beginning for this new musical.

Billy Buckett Tickets on Sale for World Premiere

The new logo for BILLY BUCKETT by Rem Bruijn of Brainheart & Jesse Richardson of BluGoo

Tickets are now on sale and rehearsals are in full swing for Beenleigh Theatre Group’s World Premiere full production of Jay Turner’s rock ‘n’ roll musical BILLY BUCKETT – A Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Story.  (Info & Tickets

“Auditions took place in December & January.  We now have a full cast of thirty-two actors, singers and dancers working their socks off on song and dance routines.  Our 7-piece band started rehearsals months prior to casting – they are sounding hot.  It’s been years of hard work putting it all together, but it’s a dream come true for Jay & me to see the show coming to fruition in this way,” Cath says.

Cath & Jay are co-writers, musical directors and directors, and are being supported and assisted by Award-Winning Director/Dramaturg Ros Johnson.  “We’re so blessed we have a brilliant creative team working with us on every aspect of the production, from choreography, dramaturgy & direction, to lighting, sets, costumes, stage management, props & marketing.  Making theatre is a very intensive activity – it just wouldn’t be possible without our fabulous team.  We are grateful indeed.”

Jay is also enjoying the challenge of playing lead electric guitar in the band.  “For years I’ve accommpanied myself as an acoustic guitarist – rhythm is my specialty.  So playing electric lead for BILLY BUCKETT is pushing me into a completely different style – more along the lines of Hank Marvin in The Shadows.  It’s a challenge but I’m loving it.”

Another exciting process has been the development of the BILLY BUCKETT logo.

Cath recounts: “A good friend of ours Rem Bruijn of Brainheart came on board to help us define & refine our concept, inspired by the iconic logos of the most well-known musicals in the world.”

“Rem then took these ideas to designer/art director Jesse Richardson of BlueGoo who came up with a number of logo/poster designs.  But he’d picked the best one already and put it the top of his presentation for us to see first.”  

“Jesse was spot on – it was THE ONE!    The chrome, the deep blood-red and classic vintage car-badge image is so evocative of era.  It reminds me of the British Mini.  It’s just perfect for BILLY BUCKETT and we envisage the logo will travel with the musical wherever it’s produced.”

Click here for details of BILLY BUCKETT’s World Premiere shows at Beenleigh’s Crete Street Theatre, 26 April -11 May 2013.

Click here to BOOK your tickets now.



Billy Buckett Full Production 2013!!

Exciting news!  Our Brit rock n roll musical BILLY BUCKETT has been selected as one of 4 major theatre productions featured in BEENLEIGH THEATRE GROUP’s (BTG) 2013 Season, alongside Eurobeat, Fame & Oliver.

BILLY BUCKETT will be showing for 9 performances between opening night Friday 26 April 2013 to final night Saturday 11 May 2013 at BTG’s home, the lovely Crete Street Theatre, Beenleigh.

Complete with full set, period costume, light & sound and a talented cast performing the 5 leading roles, 5 supporting roles, 20 “Teddy Boys & Judies” chorus roles and a live-on-stage hot 6-piece rock band, the show is set to get the audience rockin’ out on a journey Small-Town Essex, UK, 1959.

Auditions for those wishing to be cast as leads, supports or chorus will be held on Sunday 2 December 2012 at the Crete Street Theatre.

For more information, please contact:

We are honoured that Billy Buckett has been chosen for BTG’s 2013 season! 🙂

Thank you to Beenleigh Theatre Group for their enthusiasm and for investing in the development & full realisation of a new show.

Vanuatu Bliss


Cath, Jay & their lil fella Joshua travelled to Vanuatu in June-July 2012 for their first mundyturner gig in Vanuatu.  They were also there to help launch a new community choir, enjoy a family holiday and celebrate Cath’s birthday!  Their wonderful hosts Bev & Nabil Anti at Village de Santo, treated the family to the most incredible time.  Cath tells of their 13 day adventure…

“We adored our trip to Espiritu Santo, the largest of Vanuatu’s 83 islands and can’t wait to go back to explore more islands.  Actually we wanted to move there – it’s such a beautiful place where the lifestyle is so relaxed and connected to community.

The biggest highlight for me was meeting the gentle and friendly people and experiencing their amazing culture and simple lifestyle.  I loved learning the local songs.  The Vanuatuan people made us feel so welcome – we felt like we have a family there now.

My birthday was celebrated with Jay & our son, Bev & Nabil on a tranquil private beach (see picture), eating freshly cooked to order Thai food, swimming, playing & relaxing, singing songs and strumming our ukuleles.  A dream place to be.

In the evening we headed back to Restuarant 1606, Village de Santo, where we danced with the Snake Men of Mota Lava, sang with the 1606 String Band and then jammed until late at night with these fantastic musicians.  It was truly a day of joy!

The next day the celebrations went on at a nearby ‘kastom village’ where “Happy Birthday To You Cathy” was performed by the amazing local Water-Music troupe and I was given some beautiful hand-crafted gifts.  The generosity of the people was overwhelming”

Cath & Jay also ran three harmony-singing workshops.  Two workshops were held in Luganville’s Northern Youth Centre to help kick-start a new community choir with a special mission – to bring Ni Vanuatuan people together with the ‘ex-patriot’ community to sing and connect with each other.  This culminated in a debut performance by the new choir – working title Santo Voices – at mundyturner’s Village de Santo concert on 6 July.

The other singing workshop brought together children from local Mango Anglican Church and visiting teens from St Pal’s Anglican College, Brisbane for an hour of song and movement.

“I started teaching the children from these two countries a song to sing together, thinking one song would be enough and they’d want to finish after that.  They just demanded to keep singing, Aussies & Vanuatuans alike!!  I ended up keeping on teaching them rounds and harmony songs for another hour!  And they sounded so beautiful.”

Phoenix’ Billy Buckett Success

Billy Buckett: Mind Over Matters Blues

Congratulations to the very talented cast & crew of Phoenix Ensemble’s rehearsed reading of Jay Turner’s Brit-rock-n-roll musical BILLY BUCKETT which showed at the Pavilion Theatre, Beenleigh, on 27-28 April.

What was achieved in eight short rehearsals was nothing short of amazing!!    It was far more than a reading where the actors normally sit on their bums and do exactly that – read.  The cast moved, interacted, sang and danced and embodied their characters, bringing the story to life, with scripts in hand.  Bold, brave and no mean feat.

The audiences had a ball and gave very valuable feedback, both written and oral, after the shows. Thanks to this experience, Jay & Cath as the writers have been able to further refine the script and their vision for the full production, which hopefully will come to fruition in the not too distant future.  Watch this space!  More pics below…

The Chicken Factory Chicks: Shirley & Betty (Brea Robertson & Hannah Crowther)

Special Thanks to:
* Heather Scott for her hands-on help with everything from casting to publicity and production matters

* The cast: Scott Johnson (Billy B.), Kate Doohan (Janette Burns), Big Ted (Joel Mikkelsen), Bec Hundy (Maureen), Jack Henry (Arthur Burns), Deb Taylor (Helen Burns), Hannah Crowther (Betty), Lachlan Clark (Marty), Brea Robertson (Shirley), Scott Young (Brian), Briana Thompson (Doo-wop girl), Courtney Taylor (Doo-wop girl).

* The production team & crew: Lou Thompson (Lighting), Blake Russell & Renee Welland (Follow-spots), Cath Mundy (Director), Jay Turner (Musical Director/Sound Design & operator).

* John Burton for filming the dress rehearsal, and two performances.

* Celia Powell for taking still-shots of the performance

* Phoenix Ensemble Board of Directors for putting their faith in “Billy Buckett” and investing the development of a new work.

Maureen aka Mo (Bec Hundy)
What’ll I Do? Billy Buckett as played by Scott Johnson

I’m in love with Mr Cool: Jan Burns (played by Kate Doohan)
Restless: Big Ted (Joel Mikkelsen)
Self-Made Man: Helen & Arthur Burns (Deb Taylor & Jack Henry)
Doo-wop Girls (Briana Thompson & Courtney Taylor)
Dynamo: Big Ted & Maureen (Bec Hundy & Joel Mikkelsen)
We’re like Moses: Sparky & Pimples (Lachlan Clark & Scott Young)

Tender Is The Night: Jan & Billy (Kate Doohan & Scott Johnson)

I’ll keep on playing this game of life! – the cast of BB, April 2012

Phoenix Ensemble performs “Billy Buckett” 27-28 April 2012

Phoenix Ensemble is producing the exciting first public showing/rehearsed reading of the new BILLY BUCKETT – Jay Turner’s original British rock n roll musical.

The talented cast of actor/singers is preparing to whirl the audience back in time to small-town Essex, England, 1959, to the colourful era of bobby-soxers and teddy-boys, just as the world was awakening to the teenage revolution and the music that drove it wild – rock n roll!

As a rehearsed reading, the cast will be acting and singing  with scripts in hand.  The audience will be invited to give written feedback and take part in open discussion with the writers and cast at the end of each performance.

Book now for the two shows 27-28 April, 7:30pm @ Pavilion Theatre, James St, Beenleigh Showgrounds, Beenleigh.  Tickets are $10 (non-members) and free to Phoenix members. 

The story follows 19-year-old mechanic Billy Buckett, who oozes musical talent, rock n roll charisma and a couldn’t-care-less cool.  Orphaned during the Blitz, the wanna-be pop idol yearns to swap his overalls for the fantasy life of “fame, fortune & mass adoration”, but his soul is crying out for the love and acceptance he has been denied all his life.

When Billy falls in love with the vivacious & beautiful Janette Burns – daughter of Arthur Burns, Billy’s powerful boss – he finally finds someone who truly understands and believes in him.  At first Jan & Billy keep their relationship hidden from Arthur, but when the secret slips, the consequences are devastating.  Billy fights back the only way he knows how – through rock n roll.  But can he find the happiness he craves?  Not if Arthur Burns can help it.

Directed & musically directed by Cath Mundy & Jay Turner, “Billy Buckett” is filled with fun & fabulous songs, laced with drama, pathos and a delightfully daffy British sense of humour.

Book your seat now to be part of musical theatre history!!  Phoenix Ensemble Bookings


UK Tour 2012 cancelled

Sad to announce that after all the hard work of setting up a beautiful 3-month tour of the UK for May-Aug 2012, we have decided to cancel.  It came time to buy the flights and the maths were just not adding up, mainly due to strong Oz $ to weak UK pound making it difficult to pay off 4 flights bought in Aussie $ with UK earnings.

To those wonderful clubs & venues who booked the duo, we are extremely grateful for your support and understanding and very sorry to not be coming after all.

To our friends/fans and family who we were so looking forward to seeing: we miss you.

Our son is very disappointed not to be coming to see where he was born.

Our love to you all.  Hope to see you again at a more optimal time. xoxo

Winner of Site Launch Comp

Thanks to those who sent us your great comments on the new website!  The first commenter is Sylvia Allen, UK who wins a FREE mundyturner ALBUM.

Sylvia, please contact us so we can send you your prize (your email bounced).

How to Leave A Comment and View Other Comments:

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New Website Launch

Whoo-hooo!  We are thrilled to announce that mundyturner’s new website is open for business.

To celebrate, we are offering a FREE mundyturner ALBUM to the first person who sends us a great comment using the website.

Have fun exploring!  You can watch heaps of cool videos of live festival performances on the MEDIA GALLERY and buy our cds direct in our SHOP.  Read our recent articles on the BLOG.

Link to our new YouTube channel and our other pages on iTunes, Facebook, CD Baby, Last FM (mundyturner radio), etc…

And remember to enter your comments – let us know what you think.

Many thanks to Ian Mackenzie of Trade Allies for his awesome work making the new site.

Winter Grace glow

Freedom Train choir @ Talbarra, 7 Aug 2011

Freedom Train choir performing at their Winter Grace Concert, Talbarra, 7 Aug 2011. Photo by Anton Thompson.

Cath & Jay’s community choir Freedom Train staged their annual mid-year concert – Winter Grace – in the lovely Venue at Talbarra on 7/8/2011; a beaut day of joyful music-making and laughter.

Freedom Train “sang grace” (with the ebullient guidance of conductor Cath), and celebrated three years of choir-dom, giving thanks for the choir’s treasured supporters, particularly their rehearsal venue sponsor, Talbarra RSL Care.

The concert featured two sets by the choir, plus guest spots by the Logan Ukulele Club (of whom Jay & Cath are members), the Young Stars of Skyline Guitar Studio (Jay’s new young guitar students) and mundyturner rocking out with a version of Wreck Out of My Heart from Jay’s original rock’n’roll musical “Billy Buckett”….

Read the full concert report on Freedom Train’s news page.

See the Winter Grace Concert Photo Album here, by photographer Anton Thompson.

NEWS: WORLD PREMIERE Production, 26 April-11 May 2013


UK Tour

Yes we are planning a UK tour for Summer 2012!!  Rockin!!  Tour dates will be posted soon…

Songwriters Confess

mundyturner @ Banyo Library

mundyturner performing Songwriters Confess, Live in the Libraries series, Banyo Library, Brisbane

Our “Songwriters Confess” mini-tour of Brisbane City Council libraries in May was a series of highly enjoyable unplugged sets.

We played libraries at Coopers Plains (4 May 2011),  Banyo (Wed 11 May),  and Toowong (Mon 16 May).

Chatting informally and inviting our audience to be involved in singing, percussion and discussion was a real delight.  The fact that there were many children there with their parents made it extra fun.

Here’s some audience feedback: “Recently we attended one of the “Live in the Library” series at Toowong Library, with Mundy-Turner performing.  I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it, both my own family, and the other families around me.  Their performance was enriching in so many ways – their musical & vocal skills were apparent, and it was so great for my kids to see accomplished performers live and up-close.”

“I personally loved hearing of the story behind each song, and I was not the only one with tears in my eyes as they told stories through words and music.  I especially loved hearing Catherine’s Australian accent shining through in her singing – so good to hear her pride in her heritage.”

“My kids and I talked about the performance over the next few days, and my daughter was still humming one of their tunes a week or so after the performance.  Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to experience this for free, and in our local library.  We would definitely attend again if there are future Live In the Library performances…and most especially if it is Mundy-Turner – it was a highlight of our week :)”

Many thanks to the Live in the Libraries series’ producer Janelle Colquhoun of Salubrious Productions and to Brisbane City Council Libraries for having us!   And thanks to Suzanne- a fabulous, dancing audience member – for the photo.

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